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Refunds will be given in the following cases

  1. If we cannot unlock your handset if it meets the criteria for each network
  2. The unlock doesn’t work due to an Invalid/Incompatible Sim message ONLY – if an iPhone fails to work due to being blacklisted in a country, an activation lock, or issues with the handset hardware e.g. No Sim or No Service, we cannot refund you. You should provide us with a video as proof that it didn’t work clearly showing “Incompatible Sim”
  3. Non-delivered unlocks which have taken more than 30 days and have not already been rejected for any reason are eligible for cancellation and refund if you desire as opposed to waiting. You cannot cancel prior to this 30 day window, our contract with our suppliers is a 30 day window, and we pay for our unlocks up front.

Refunds will NOT be given in the following cases

  1. Your iPhone is already unlocked but you still placed an order with us. We incur costs on submission.
  2. You ordered from several unlocking companies and decided to ask for a refund from whomever didn’t notify you first that the unlock was compete. We incur costs on submission.
  3. You ordered an unlock from a network and didn’t meet the critiera which are clearly explained before purchase, meaning an additional sum was required and you refused to pay the additional sum. We cannot refund the original payment in such cases as we have still incurred the cost.
  4. You provided an incorrect IMEI number
  5. You placed an unlocking order with the wrong network / carrier (If you are not sure about what network/carrier your iPhone is locked to, please use our iPhone carrier checker first)
  6. You purchased a pre-order. Pre-orders for unlocks are non-refundable.
  7. Your IMEI is blocked / blacklisted / stolen / lost.
  8. Your IMEI is delayed.
  9. Unlocks which don’t work due to blacklisting in the country, an Activation Lock on the device, or issues with the handset hardware e.g. No Sim or No Service are not eligible for refund as the unlock has been completed. Please ensure your handet is clean, has no activation lock, and works fine with a network sim it was originally locked to. If it doesn’t, we cannot be held liable.
  10. If your iPhone has an iCloud activation lock and you can not activate it, you should contact the iPhone owner to remove the iCloud account or purchase an iCloud Removal from us or another provider. We will not refund a sim unlock which has been completed, on a device which you are unable to use due to an Activation Lock. You can find out if your device has an Activation Lock prior to purchase at chek Activation Lock
  11. Your samsung has exceeded the “too many incorrect attempts”.